Arcane Arts Academy 2 Mod 1.1 (Unlimited Money)

Updated on February 4, 2024

Name Arcane Arts Academy 2
Publisher GameHouse Original Stories
Category Simulation
Size 295M
Version 1.1
Price FREE
Get it on Google Play / iTunes

After the success of part 1 of the game Arcane Arts Academy 2, the creator quickly returned to work to develop the second part for users. Many users have a new playground thanks to the game creator’s hard work. Continue to discover the simulation game that is stirring up the entertainment market. This time, users continue to experience highly thrilling stories. The game’s novelty will be the glue to keep you in this great city. Enjoy this civilized playground’s pleasure and will continue to bring it to rookies like you. Surely this will be the most worth playing application in the summer of 2024.

1860Arcane Arts Academy 2 MOD


Continuation of the last part, where the player has to play the role of a bright and elegant private detective. You will have to track down the disappearances your victims left behind. The clues are appearing more and more clearly than ever as a person with a genius brain and sharp deduction, whether the final curtain will be lifted. These are all outcomes that many players wish for.

To track down the victim, you have to do many different tasks. From the teacher to the quests for the real teachers… All for your arduous investigation. The city never fell into darkness because the luxuries and riches lit them forever. A living area is full of sins that surround you at any moment.

1860Arcane Arts Academy 2 APK

Game mode

Many different modes help players relieve stress immediately. And yet, the activities of Arcane Arts Academy 2 are always gentle and do not promote results. Therefore, players can give young people the experience and still bring high efficiency. Typically, modes such as teaching, a conversation exchange, role-playing, management, …. Many activities and accompanying events are opened during the experience.

Players will gradually upgrade their experience after the average level. You must complete the right tasks that the game mode requires; for example, you need to find the treasures requested by the NPC or use magic to do the necessary functions. The game is highly simulated, so your time is often role-playing; users will be immersed in fun team modes.

1860Arcane Arts Academy 2 iOS


The time feature is one of the outstanding features that Arcane Arts Academy 2 has. The time in the maps will be fixed; players must complete the tasks within this timeline. Complete is valid when the clock is still ticking green; failure is when the clock reaches the end time. The accompanying time will help users become more severe with the tasks and boost their ability to break through in difficult situations.


The number of missions reaching a considerable number is always attractive to gamers. If you want a never-ending game, go to Arcane Arts Academy 2. Here, full of quests from low to high for users to choose from. In our opinion, you should select the low-level quest milestones first; this helps the user to grasp his current level.

1860Arcane Arts Academy 2 Mod APK


The appearance of critical characters in the plot has made you more enlightened. The characters usually appear when you complete the requirements of the system. This milestone will allow players to make friends with key people. Along with the characters with the title of excellent magic, students stand up on the podium to receive awards. Achievements in your academy will help unlock the character.


The combination of sounds in performing magic projects or conversations. It helped the game achieve the essential element, which is to bring authenticity and vividness. Stimulate players thanks to the suitable melodies and rhythms. Users will be given more strength and motivation to go to the end. The toughness must also be primarily thanks to this useful feature.

What are you waiting for without giving yourself a ticket to experience the second part of Arcane Arts Academy? Gather close friends to sweep the magic academy and make a name for yourself.

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