Undercover Blood Bonds Mod 1.2 (Unlimited Money)

Updated on November 10, 2023

NameUndercover Blood Bonds
PublisherGameHouse Original Stories
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Detective game models are always sought after by many intellectual-loving gamers. To be able to own an intellectual detective game in the collection is difficult. Because it may not make you satisfied or not able to stick with it for a long time. However, Undercover – Blood Bonds is a game of another level in the hearts of fans. The game can retain users with new changes and constant challenge updates. Living in a great city will be a pleasurable feeling. Surely players will understand when they directly immerse themselves in life here. Are you ready to wear a luxurious suit and elegant gentleman’s shoes? This place hosts the most attractive nightlife events that will not disappoint you. If I were you, I would quickly press the download button to experience it as soon as possible.

1730Undercover Blood Bonds MOD

What are Undercover Blood Bonds?

Enjoy free games at our site. You will not lose any cost during the entire download process to your mobile device. This helps players limit many intermediate operations but also experience the earliest. Undercover – Blood Bonds officially launched in popular game stores. Any device model can access the right to download applications quickly.

Although it is a free game, it feels on par with expensive apps. You can implicitly enjoy the walks of the people in the beautiful night city. The city’s prosperity at night is a good factor for you to make the best use of. However, it is also a double-edged sword because it has mysteriously caused countless people to disappear. You will become a detective about a mysterious disappearance during your stay here.

1730Undercover Blood Bonds APK


The user must complete the tasks the system gives to get the clues. Every time you complete a mission, a clue about the disappearance will be revealed. You must directly immerse yourself in the nightlife of the faraway city. Many recreational activities allow players to enjoy the experience. Typically, it can be said that Billiards, Massage, and parties at the pool are highly bustling,…

A lot of clues in the disappearance and the case is made according to a particular mystery novel. As a detective, you need to find the answer as soon as possible. Role-play is becoming one of the best-performing users. In the great city, there will be prominent places where players can join at any time. You can refer to and experience it directly from the very beginning.

1730Undercover Blood Bonds iOS

Features of the Game

It is a game with many activities integrated with the entertainment genre. Players can experience a lot of different fun activities. Transform into a top bartender at a swim party, a highly skilled chef, or even a top pepper thrower. Many characters are waiting for you to put your feet in their shoes.

The city of luxury

A prosperous city with lights that are always lit throughout the day. Every time night falls, underground activities start again—loads of night activities excite the locals or the elite. After a hard-working day, the evening is when they can indulge in fun and parties with no return.

1730Undercover Blood Bonds Mod APK

Night activities

As mentioned above, the active feature is one of the most attractive ways to attract users. As a gamer who loves games and activities, you must once experience it yourself. Indeed, players will have to shake their hands because of the joy of the game. Initially, the stimulation will leave the user with a special feeling, and then gradually, you will sink deeper into the fun.


Don’t forget your purpose in being this special guest. Dress up as one of the elite to track down the missing girl’s clues. A successful rescue will help players increase their prestige and open up more significant challenges. Exceptions, users will unlock clues after completing their privileged quests.

Immerse yourself in the city’s flow at night and enjoy the best moments at Undercover – Blood Bonds.

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