Infinite Magicraid Mod 1.27.0 (Menu, Free Shopping)

Updated on June 3, 2024

Name Infinite Magicraid
Publisher DHGAMES
Category Role Playing
Size 1.1G
Version 1.27.0
Price FREE
Get it on Google Play / iTunes

How long has your fun lasted since the day you drowned in victory? Let’s return to the playground for tactical geniuses and high personal skills. Infinite Magicraid is the next application that we want to introduce to players. Fully meets the top criteria of an RPG role-playing game. With many outstanding features, the game quickly conquered fans across the country. The openness of the field has helped many international friends promptly reunite. The community one day become more vibrant than the old days, and you can also become a new rookie. With just a straightforward download syntax, you can master it all.

1260Infinite Magicraid MOD


The game provides enough basic data for newcomers to come. Stepping into the world this time, you will experience a race full of drama. It’s so compelling that it’s enough to knock cowards off the field in no time. Only true kings can stay on the field the longest. For the most deserving, they will be able to place themselves on the throne.

Players can start with the most straightforward instructions. Name the iconic character, begin with card openings, and do basic quests. Take the first task to mark the foundation for yourself. The game will support users to become proficient with activities and events quickly. You can rest assured about the system’s question-answering section.

1260Infinite Magicraid APK

Comprehensive gameplay

Infinite Magicraid teaches users gameplay that has the most significant appeal. It combines RPG and role-playing genres to warm up your entire personal skill. Players can activate the generals in the field through their hands. The manual operation brings more traditional gameplay to users. Each warrior will have their secret techniques for you to activate.

Successfully using the warrior’s full power will give you a huge amount of damage. Representatives of the warriors will strike the vanguard; the first turn, the user can choose to activate any basic move. Remember that the map will vary, and the mode will become more difficult later. Similar to that is when you win more resources.

1260Infinite Magicraid iOS

Salient features

It must be known that Infinite Magicraid is working hard on recreating the character. The character pieces that are close to the lives of gamers increase the attractiveness of the game. You will no longer need to see warriors with old forms. Instead, a completely new class of characters, put on powerful costumes and attract gamers.

Star Level

Each character is rated positively by the number of stars at the top. Each star corresponds to the attribute strength they have. When reaching the purple star color, the player can also help the character transform. In other words, sublime into a stronger entity. The power also gradually reached the maximum threshold enough to destroy the opponent.


The profile is an essential feature that helps users make contact with warriors. Reading the profile will help users understand the power source and find the best way to exploit it. You can also rely on this feature to open the final door with the god of war. They help players fully exploit the power source, there by creating a significant mutation.

1260Infinite Magicraid Mod APK

Comprehensive technique

The character’s overpowering skills will help the user defeat larger opponents. Each god of war will have specific 4 skills; each move is divided from basic to key. You have to flexibly use moves together to create waves of damage. Defeat the opponent with the most perfect combo; the user can use the moves of many characters.

In a split second, the player can also turn defeat into victory. This is what we like most about Infinite Magicraid; it shows that the balance of victory can also be shaken with determination. We believe that users will get the biggest winning streak.

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