Tera Classic SEA Mod 1.0.4 (Unlimited Diamonds)

Updated on November 4, 2023

Name Tera Classic SEA
Publisher PLAYPARK
Category Role Playing
Size 2.7G
Version 1.0.4
Price FREE
Get it on Google Play / iTunes

An authentic entertainment version from the game maker PLAYPARK has moved many people’s preferences. The game, this time, is called Tera Classic SEA and is owned by the publisher above. Special praise must be given to its RPG genre and in-depth role-playing. Players will have to immerse themselves deeper into its virtual world. Create a civilized playground and aim for the most comprehensive development goals. The application has quickly launched attractive offers and privileges for new users. Suppose you want to be one of the few players who can own the bonus. Then quickly click on the link provided.

1824Tera Classic SEA MOD


Following the path of the dark fairies, gradually, the heavens were corrupted by the forces of evil. Before the gates of heaven, many messengers had to lie down because they wanted to stand their ground. As a person who loves justice and believes absolutely in his faith. Can you turn this male dilemma? Ta and Chinh always oppose presences in the Tera Classic SEA world.

You are experiencing many ups and downs with the predecessor of the gods. You have gradually revealed your killer talent and ignored the potential dangers. The road ahead will be challenging, with no end in sight. Consciousness is formed, goals are set, and we wait for time to complete everything. Time in this flow is the priceless measure of the fairies.

1824Tera Classic SEA APK


Get a character to represent you, whether male or female. Register your name or name the avatar. Players must go through the live tutorial to be ready to enter the big arena since Tera Classic SEA is a purely immersive entertainment application, plausive uses more manual battle boards. You must be familiar with the controls on the mobile screen.

Gamers must flexibly use their fingers to both move and plan attacks. The character’s moves will be diversified and look incredibly cool. Users can increase their cultivation by hunting monsters, storing soul fuel, and unlocking a vast equipment inventory. Lots of activities to stimulate the player’s gameplay. Typically, you will have times to participate in PVP or PVE matches.

1824Tera Classic SEA iOS


The system automatically or by the familiar name hangs. This will be the most preferred feature for gamers still busy with work. If you are looking to hunt monsters with limited time, choose this optimal feature immediately. Hanging is the most effective plowing method for everyone.


Players will not be able to skip the specific missions. The system will provide players witvariousof assignments depending on their level and actual combat experience. Equal to that is the variety that missions can offer. Players can complete primary tasks such as moving to monster locations and killing mon;…. …. Many bullet points of gifts are waiting for you to take home.

1824Tera Classic SEA Mod APK

Rules of play

Compliance with the rules of the game is always a matter of name. Players who want to join the PVP or PVE arena must have a character with enough strategy. You have to know your strength and compare the gap between the two. Require players to comply with the rules of fighting in the designated area, fixed and straightforward ample laws that only take less than 30 sectors to understand fully.

Graphics and sound

Because it is a modern role-playing game, the graphics platform must be said to be very eye-catching. We rate the app’s graphics as a big plus because it feels natural in every frame effect and is even more pronounced, especially when the player is fighting directly with the monster. Graphics combined with sound have created the most natural playground for Vietnamese gamers. You will surely fall in love with what it has to offer.

Your dream of sublimation is getting closer one day; enjoy the fun with new friends.

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