Sword Art Online VS Mod 1.2.1 (Menu + Unlimited Money)

Updated on September 16, 2023

NameSword Art Online VS
PublisherBandai Namco Entertainment Inc.
CategoryRole Playing
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Sword Art Online VS is a game adapted from the main content of the famous manga series. Its attraction has led to a more significant wave of downloads one day. Gradually the community became more substantial and more vibrant than ever. The game is a place to keep many ecstatic moments of gamers. You can drag more teammates and create commemorative tapes for each other. This place is both a playground to awaken the natural ability of gamers. It’s just a place where users can sink deep after hard work or study hard as long as you have the same intention to develop this community playground to a new level. Then we will always be open to welcoming you to this community.

1157Sword Art Online VS MOD

Game Introduction

It has invested in and developed by the creator Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc quickly. The game quickly spread throughout the entertainment store, creating a new wave in the gaming village. Sword Art Online VS is known as an online role-playing game with a hot hit in 2022. Although it debuted not long ago, the impression left on gamers is a long story.

Witness the success of spreading the message of the play to everyone. We are a writer who always accompanies players to help you exploit information better. The game is a new door the user can unlock anytime. Just creating opportunities for recruits is enough to understand the preference for gamers. What are you waiting for without building the god of war team immediately?

1157Sword Art Online VS APK


With a fighting style based entirely on the individual skills of the player. You need to integrate with the character console and skill sets. Create flexibility in combat to increase power. Players can even change tactics to create attack combos. Chain combo attacks will help the player deal a huge amount of damage and cause the opponent to falter.

The user’s skill is the essential weapon. However, to achieve high efficiency, you need to have more calm and alertness. It is also indispensable to focus on global matches. Sword Art Online VS will push players to a field of extraordinary opponents. To defeat the power of the enemy, the player needs to strengthen himself continuously.

1157Sword Art Online VS iOS

Outstanding Features

Top-notch graphic effects combined with vivid sound make players wholly immersed. Looking deeper, we can see the heavy investment in the image stage. Attracting players with a super cool graphics platform, users can imagine the scene as being in front of their eyes. Each move will have a different dialogue; the animation will last the battle.

Ultimate skill set

Spending all your time practicing your skills is a must. You cannot waste your time in this playground. Because when leaving the machine, other competitors are ahead of you. To succeed at the top, first understand the effects of skills. The advantage of special moves is also an important key that you can exploit.

New map

Map diversity is also a feature that many gamers look forward to. Because it promotes the player’s self-discovery. It is also a new challenge for gamers because the terrain is no longer familiar. You can’t always rely on luck and expect to fight on your home turf. Take the initiative to advance to even higher-level courts.

1157Sword Art Online VS Mod APK


The weak feature helps the user to attack the opponent masterly. Each opponent will reveal their critical weakness; you can use this mechanism to take down the enemy. Usually, the longer the fight, the more pronounced the enemy’s weaknesses are. The continuous attack is the option we can offer you, effectively exploiting the mechanics to turn cards into wins.

Aim for higher goals during your rookie time. The playground is large but completely civilized; the system always accompanies users anytime, anywhere. These are the things we like best about a modern entertainment application. After this update, many improvements will be made; you can look forward to new features or champions that may be revealed.

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