Sandship Crafting Factory Mod 0.18.9 (Unlimited Gems)

Updated on April 16, 2024

NameSandship Crafting Factory
PublisherRockbite Games
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After all that time of absence from the famous market, Sandship: Crafting Factory is now different with a completely new face and a much more comprehensive upgrade than the old version. Let’s admire a playground that fully meets the most necessary criteria of the simulation genre. Even more notable, this time, the context has been adjusted by developer Rockbite Games to suit your desired content. The game is no longer boring from the first moment; you can experience your detective journey. Live and work in a completely new environment to develop your skills. Players must proactively move toward basic tasks to warm up their hand muscles and brain.

8111Sandship Crafting Factory MOD

Introducing the game

Sandship: Crafting Factory is based on the setting of cosmic fantasy to develop gameplay. Users will take on the role of experienced astronauts, performing familiar missions you see in fantasy movies. Get acquainted with the new continent, blend into this strange planet’s new environment, and expand yourself to exploit the limited resources here fully.

The game goes further when the experiencer completely abandons himself in the races. Initially, you will receive a work list and basic tasks to familiarize yourself with the environment here. Preparation is essential, so users need to start from the basic steps and lay the most robust foundation for themselves. Gradually, players can also proactively change methods to achieve high efficiency.

8111Sandship Crafting Factory APK


Because Sandship: Crafting Factory is a simulation game with quite a high level of thinking. The original user cannot falter before the magic tricks; you must use all your abilities to overcome the test. After success, a large part of the resources will be poured into your backpack to improve the facilities here. Build a majestic work area with many modern machines.

Carry out new world nova missions with massive projects you must travel with mobile vehicles. Use them as a means of transportation between bases. Players must control the necessary place and, based on the mission, complete the target correctly. In the future, the experiencer will not miss immersing themselves in this exciting game many times with friends from all over the country.

8111Sandship Crafting Factory iOS

Salient Features

Different multi-dimensional items require you to memorize them, and many items can be combined to create a new product. Players need to learn it in their hand to go through the maps that are making them difficult. Of course, we encourage users to get involved themselves so they can grow stronger.

The game

Operating a giant factory chain to supply and demand to the world is the most difficult challenge gamers need to aim for. Users must use their agile minds and act quickly to complete the targets. The requested items will be made on the conveyor belt, and you also have to use resources flexibly to speed up the process.

8111Sandship Crafting Factory Mod APK


Collect purple crystals along with energy gold pieces. They will help players quickly access the store in a short time. At the same time, it also enables you to shop for tools or supplements for your work process. It’s not difficult to pick up such generous rewards while playing.


Everything is meticulously done, from the vivid sound to the animations, showing the developer’s remarkable investment. Determined to regain the position of a pioneering application, they have invested in many areas, from content to sound, to satisfy players.

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