Tank Company Mod 1.3.8 (Unlimited Money)

Updated on February 8, 2024

NameTank Company
PublisherExptional Global
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You are looking for a stressful game after hours of work. Want to be integrated into the exciting atmosphere of the gaming world? So go to the door of the soldier’s named Tank Company. A game that helps users define the concept of bravery. Refresh all, white records, no achievements,… Users will be like a blank sheet of paper entering the marketplace. Above, there will be many different waves that can come at any time. You have to be very careful with those who are trying to sneak up on you. With your steel steed, you can actively level them all. Now it’s time to pick up the phone and immediately press the download button that we have set up to experience it.

1177Tank Company MOD


The game is a strong affirmation of the publisher Netease Games Global. With the talent of a game maker, this playground grows stronger daily. Many new features are added, such as map play and new-generation tanks,… Players can choose one for free as soon as they log in as new rookies. Name your tank crew and develop their skills directly.

You can change yourself after high-class battles. An exciting party of gamers with control skills. Compete against each other to win glory for the team. The final winner will have abundant resources such as a bag full of gold coins, pieces of materials, and enhancement materials,… Many preferential gifts are waiting for you to untie.

1177Tank Company APK

Smart way to play

Taking a moment to learn which playstyle is most effective in Tank Company is essential. You can’t just keep crashing into an old-fashioned way of playing, attacking, or dying. Instead, apply a bit of experience and tactics to the match. Because the game has a 3rd personal perspective, this is a highly comprehensive combat perspective for players to exploit continuously.

Direct your armored horde with the intelligent console. Players can go through the control panel directly to change the direction and target of the attack. Opponents will always massively attack you with high-damage weapons. To fight back against this wave of bullets, you need to make a total attack proposal to use the right weapon for the situation and implement the policy of fighting quickly and winning quickly.

1177Tank Company iOS


Is a smart and modern entertainment application utterly different from the previous game mat? The creator was very clever when it came to seeing the reviews of gamers. You can experience more different activities on the main interface. There are countless events and missions that will be added to make the game more interesting. Not to mention it’s a cure-all for your long-term commitment to the creator.

Armored chariot

Together with your allies, own a super-powerful battleship. Right from the first moment you enter the main interface of the game is also the time to choose your own battleship. There are many different models, but you can choose more comfortably when you are qualified. Work hard to earn money and resources to change the battleships according to your preferences.

1177Tank Company Mod APK


PVP with allies, a match of attractive rules. The number of users that can participate in a game is up to 30 people, divided equally between both teams. The form of combat is direct punching; the two sides will have to compete until the whole team’s score reaches the required level. As long as someone can successfully reach the level of the whole team, they can claim victory.

Gunpowder party

Take a look back at your ecstasy in global matches. Players can unleash their own playing skills in these fiery competitions. A match is not for the individual, work as a team, and adhere to the strategy to bring the best victory. Priority for new recruits, you will get help from the system.

Above is the most useful information that we have put together for you. Players need to wait a little while for the version to appear on their home screen. Your choice is the biggest favor for game developers.

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