Disaster Of Animal Mod 1.1.44 (Unlimited Diamonds)

Updated on June 24, 2023

Name Disaster Of Animal
Publisher Lesou
Category Action
Size 97M
Version 1.1.44
Price FREE
Get it on Google Play / iTunes

Welcome to the new world of vegetation called Disaster Of Animals. Referring to the game, people immediately remember a widely played map of the activity genre. Take a look at entertainment games combined with RPG categories. Players, in this turn, seem to be enlightened by a new hobby. It is known that the game has passed the objective evaluation of the experience to upgrade the version. Since then, we have been playing on a much-improved playground. You can immediately see how far your first impressions will be from your imagination. Now, let’s go and share this entertainment application.

1786Disaster Of Animal MOD


Disaster Of Animal is best known to gamers around the time of summer. When the game coincides with the summer vacation time for students and teenagers. Even people who go to work every day often come to this playground. It is known that the game has permanently changed and improved positively to satisfy the fastidious Vietnamese users. This is also a plus point in the eyes of reviewers.

You can teach yourself and fight in an open world. The game allows users to unleash their creativity and silk with custom gameplay. The only condition of the game is probably the need to follow the game rules. The rules section will be covered by us below so that you can scroll down—a game with dozens of events, activities, and never-ending battles that promise to fuel your passion.

1786Disaster Of Animal APK


Learning how to play with Disaster Of Animal has never been so simple. Users will go through a basic tutorial to get used to the gameplay. It is known that gamers will use direct hand gestures to be able to connect with the character. You use your finger to press on the mobile screen to be able to send commands to the hero; they will have to move according to the player’s will.

How to play does not take much time to get used to, but it must have concentration. You have to cleverly use how you move and combine them with the super skills in the skill table. These two factors will help you decide if victory will soon come to you. During the experience, players will be roaming with their liberal way of playing. Confidently defeat hordes of ferocious monsters.

1786Disaster Of Animal iOS


PVP will be the feature that provides users with the most refreshing matches. This is also a gold mine so that players can mine them directly. The abundance of the Battle feature will help players expand their fighting skills and improve their craft.

Rules of play

You will be taken directly into a large playing field surrounded by a mob of monsters. Users must follow the PK rule; you must use skills and win for yourself. As far as I know, the game will provide the user with resources after killing the monster. You need to read through a few rules before entering the playing field, and you will be able to understand them immediately.

1786Disaster Of Animal Mod APK


With a massive task board, I believe this will be the rope that ties you to the playground. The fun of each mission is a medicine to help users break through themselves more easily. From beginner to advanced levels, players can try. The equivalent will be the gift given to you after completing the task. On schedule, you can claim all those productive resources.


Activities are flooded right from the moment you enter the main interface. Players can observe the variety of activities on the game’s mobile screen. Examples can be declaring war, forging equipment, and even training. Combined with it is a multitude of accompanying events to increase the excitement for gamers. This is also the indulgence that the creator has for gamers.

This convinces users to step into the Disaster Of Animal playground. You can release all your boredom and boredom into exhilarating RPG battles, enjoying moments of being true to yourself.

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