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Updated on December 11, 2023

NameMerge Duck 2
PublisherOneMore Game Studio
CategoryRole Playing
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Following the old part Merge Duck 2: Idle RPG has officially appeared on the server. Even two well-known game store platforms feature it. Whatever operating system you are using, you can download it. The game will appear on your home screen in just a few minutes. The tour of English gamers will also be officially opened at this time. The beginning of the game will open directly for gamers to connect through the link. The event gifts to welcome the rookie day have been prepared if you agree to only fill in your name in the blank box in the main interface. The game officially begins when the player decides on the rules and match rules. Let’s work together to build the most civilized and healthy game community. We are solid support for you whenever you have questions or difficulties. Come here to experience the refreshing sensations in each game.

1519Merge Duck 2 MOD

What is Merge Duck 2?

Handwritten letters were sent directly to the most honored players. They are all representatives of the famous RPG series in this market. The appearance of the application has determined the success of the Congeners series. It is a strong development of RPG against prominent opponents. Compete directly with other entertainment genres and rise to the top of the most searched recently.

Merge Duck 2: Idle RPG’s first meeting for rookies. You will be bumping into many longtime members. Gain experience and hone your best combat skills. Players will be transformed into great warriors protecting justice. Unleash the power of light against crowds tainted by darkness and evil.

1519Merge Duck 2 APK


The fun will begin when your playstyle is more clearly shown. It is the temporary arrangement of cards into critical positions. Players must use their intelligence to invest and rotate the card. Your squad is a weapon that can be upgraded over time. Players hold a massive source of power firmly in their hands; let’s promote it as much as possible.

Hundreds of different levels and enormous resources are waiting for you to exploit. Players must use the primary formation to join the clone. Plow hoes, receive rewards, upgrade,… Finally, breakthrough so the fighting force can increase to new heights. This is the most familiar way of playing that users can follow. However, when playing, there will be many surprises, so you need to be favorable to learn.

1519Merge Duck 2 iOS


The flexibility in how to play will create many mutations for gamers. You can create your own goals in the skill-packed gameplay. Apply wisdom to the way of playing to show the power of gray matter. A good leader will rely on practical experience and context to answer. Impossible challenges cannot deter you. All have an answer that you need to find out.

Speed up the game screen.

This is a feature that helps players speed up the game. The game’s pace will be increased, making the use of skills more intense. You can also use this to speed up map scanning. Practice through defeated maps to use this nifty feature. The reward will still be added to the player’s backpack as usual.

Evil card

Upgrading or refining are adjectives that are mainly used for raising evil cards. You will focus on using your vast resources. The primary purpose is to quickly increase your cards’ health and strength. Players must know how to divide so the team can support each other. You can’t just bury your head in failure.

1519Merge Duck 2 Mod APK

Earnings Map

Map play has always been a painful problem for gamers because it determines whether players will stay. Suppose the map and clone keep repeating in the same mode and rewards. Then every user will feel bored and gradually lose the direction they want. So this feature was born to help them consider the publisher’s preference.

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