Girls' Connect Idle RPG Mod 1.0.205 (Unlimited Diamonds)

Updated on September 30, 2023

NameGirls’ Connect Idle RPG
CategoryRole Playing
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  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Diamond
  • Unlocked

A war has aroused the fighting spirit in the female warriors. To prevent the catastrophe that the great war can cause, you need to visit now. Girls’ Connect: Idle RPG is the theme we want users to explore. Play as a new character, a completely different identity from the rest of the community playground. It is a unique individual among thousands of people on the chart. How will you show your prominence? To be able to increase your rank in a short time quickly, do not ignore the tips and tricks. They will be the best key that users can use at any time.

1197Girls’ Connect Idle RPG MOD

What are Girls’ Connect?

The player’s background is extremely important in deciding the following factors. Whether or not your skills can develop depends partly on the fundamentals. You must synthesize and recognize your own advantages. Because it is a new-generation role-playing application that allows users to complete their own stories, it is indispensable for a sense of excitement.

After completing the foundation, the player can directly go to the main game screen. Get a previous life character, unlock skills, and master the skill to be able to join the battle. Players can also take on missions and control missions easily through the system board. All rewards will be claimed by the player after it is successful on schedule.

1197Girls’ Connect Idle RPG APK


Role-playing gameplay hits the psyche of gamers. Players can freely move the character as they like. The user’s self will be provided with a smart control panel. You can freely change the direction of the character’s movement by moving the pointer. It can rotate flexibly 360 degrees so users can rest assured in the holy battle phase.

Moreover, Girls’ Connect: Idle RPG also creates an English style of play. It is for users to fight the tournaments themselves freely. Any player who reaches a certain level is allowed to step to the highest level. More stimulating is that you can compete directly with different gamers. All the enemies in the community are waiting for you ahead.

1197Girls’ Connect Idle RPG iOS


Thanks to the meticulousness in character design. The image of warriors adds to the attractiveness of the battle. Players can experience different biographies of the characters. Each warrior has a unique story for you to discover. Players can start unlocking storylines right from the game’s main interface.

Simple controls

To say that the hotness of the role-playing game is based entirely on the gameplay. It is an essential key to attracting a large number of players. You will probably witness a magnificent scene when fighting. Each time in the battle, players will be transformed into key players. Put the noble task on your shoulders, shoulder it completely, and get it done.

Diverse goddesses

Today players can live with goddesses that they can only dream of. Players can live directly with the goddesses in their hearts through this fantasy game. They are all talented people with both beauty and fighting strength. The player’s sublimation will be a predestined relationship to help you, and they bond closely together on the adventure.

1197Girls’ Connect Idle RPG Mod APK

Natural attributes

The game will clearly hierarchically help users’ default properties. Popular can refer to natural powers such as fire, earth, and water….. Players can unlock all the most common powers as soon as they log in. To be able to expand the attributes, the user will have to collect new warriors. This takes a considerable amount of your resources.

Once you understand how to play as well as the rules of the playground, why don’t you experience it directly? The race for promotion begins as soon as you make a name for yourself. Become the best version of this amazing fantasy game.

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