Idol Queens Production Mod (Unlimited Money and Gems)

Updated on April 24, 2023

NameIdol Queens Production
PublisherSunbeesoft Co., Ltd.
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Have you ever had a headache because you could not find a suitable seat on Showbit? Then today, we will introduce you to the game Idol Queens Production. Indeed players will have a memorable experience with friends in the art world. How will the lives of idols who impact the community continue? To find the answer, you must be directly involved in this journey. This will be an achievement race of KOLs and Idols where they are famous enough. Their attraction will increase, and you develop to achieve the best state. Now what you should do is consult the valuable information from us. To gain solid knowledge for the upcoming management.

1477Idol Queens Production MOD

About the game

Idol Queens Production is known as the perfect simulation game of idol life. Set directly from real-life idols, all of which are rooted in passion. You will experience ups and downs with famous people. Become a talented manager; your popularity will lead to money rushing in. Do you want to be successful here?

During the user experience, the user will experience the actual operation. You will be debuting with the character you train first. Become a celebrity in the world of showbiz, gradually giving yourself a foothold. Engaging fans with clever, subtle, and calm responses is what they like best. You have to be confident enough to take significant strides on stage.

1477Idol Queens Production APK


Active gameplay makes it easier for users to manage characters. Your idols will follow the instructions of the manager to complete the assigned tasks. Every day the system will provide the mission table to the user. Each board will be activities that require users to finish on schedule. Reputation and popularity will accumulate when you complete them all.

Since it’s a game involving famous idols, it’s impossible to ignore taking care of yourself. You have to choose for them different models of shirts to suit the situation. Makeup well to bring out the character’s natural beauty. Young people always love dynamism and enthusiasm; this is a topic you must explore. The way to play is just that, but it is enough to create a storm for you.

1477Idol Queens Production iOS

Salient Features

The amount of equipment piled up will be added to the board for the user to control. This is our favorite auto-sort feature. It is very convenient and is automatically distributed to the correct position. Players can easily find the items they want. Thereby improving the choice of clothes according to the aesthetic.

Idol’s Quest

The user will have to perform different missions to regain the score continuously. Each successful mission will have hot rewards directly transferred to your inventory. Each item will be activated when you complete the task on schedule. Most jobs will be hierarchical to avoid users falling behind in their development momentum.

Rules of play

You must complete the task according to the system’s rules. Users must follow the directions to create a civilized and healthy playground. Each idol must participate in different activities and events to increase its popularity in the industry. Many fun activities require users to practice; you are ready after learning the rules.

1477Idol Queens Production Mod APK

The ultimate debut

Finally, it will be the feature that every user wants to experience the most. After a period of practice and exercise, make yourself more toned. The last rehearsals were replaced by performances in front of hundreds of thousands of eyes. A huge fan base will come to you during the actual performance. Stand on stage together and show your ego, confidently show the best of yourself.

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a celebrity? Whether they are Idol or Kol, they are all highly resilient people. Their hard work and enthusiasm motivate us to overcome the most difficult challenges. Return to the top with your co-stars in Idol Queens Production.

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