Bonehead Mod 1.0.3208 (Unlimited Money, Unlocked)

Updated on February 11, 2024

Name Bonehead
Category Casual
Size 400M
Version 1.0.3208
Price FREE
Get it on Google Play / iTunes

On your turn, Bonehead will bring the most unique gifts. That is considered the most sincere encouragement of the creator to users. At first, players will be able to choose the character they want. A new name and a new history are about to be redefined. What you need to do now is gather new teammates—allied together to create the most potent empire years back. The game is a combination of many genres together. So players will feel this fiery atmosphere. More attractive is that users are also invited to register to make friends. Get your hands on the actual journey of plowing and hoeing.

1806Bonehead MOD


The land of wandering souls, playing ghosts, struggles to find a way back. They were all once warriors with a love of justice. Now that they have fallen after the death battle, they still want to devote themselves wholeheartedly to the country. Before their efforts, a miracle happened. Their bodies, even though there were no souls left, were returned. In other words, it is the word of reincarnation.

Not giving up is the intention we want to talk about in this journey. Players will fall into the vortex of spirituality, trapped in countless ghost islands. What will you do when you have to survive in a land where the soul is the one to decide? Experience the thrill and defeat the fear of the warriors before the beasts guarding the treasure. I believe the user will do well on the task assigned to him.

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The user must use his skill and a little luck in mining. More precisely, digging up the empty cells hiding valuable items would be best. Remember that digging and digging is the gameplay that can give you the most resources. Your success is when you can grasp the valuable things on the list. Let’s try our luck with this simple game.

Fight in your style, going up or down, as long as it helps you dodge the attacks of the magician. At any rate, the player must flexibly use their hands to escape the dungeon. The gameplay is geared towards developing your ability to observe and handle situations and your level. Users can be ready to adapt to the gameplay in a short time.

1806Bonehead iOS


Owning a standard graphic background but instead quality content. Bonehead knows how to attract gamers thanks to innovation in range. You will not encounter any boredom or repetition in the mining process. Each dungeon will open its own story.

Game mode

Dungeons are considered the primary game mode and have very standard rules. Users must pass the qualifying way to enter. Here, your task is to dig and fight the magicians trying to get in your way. Victory will only be for those who have found a way out, or you will be stuck here forever. Each level corresponds to unexpected events that can happen.

1806Bonehead Mod APK


Plus, one if you’re a player who loves creating characters. Like you, this game has made a vast inventory of different characters. Players can open their cards in many ways; you must rush into the quest and plow. Having a dream-like nature takes effort and hoarding over time; their characteristics will help you feel worthy of your actions.


Far from active apps or RPGs having themselves super sophisticated graphics. Bonehead goes against that by focusing on pictures but bringing a sense of spring back to early gamers. The image is still evident and vivid; players like being immersed in virtual matches. The creativity in the image creation section is also something we greatly appreciate.

Surely there will be a day when players can get their hands on the most prestigious treasure. That is the biggest goal in dungeon exploration at the moment.

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