99Vidas Mod 1.0.6 (Immortal, Unlimited Lives)

Updated on April 18, 2023

Name 99Vidas
Publisher QUByte Interactive
Category Casual
Size 215M
Version 1.0.6
Price FREE
Get it on Google Play / iTunes

99Vidas is one of the many games that gamers have supported since its launch. The attraction the application has encountered is the most demanding users. But instead of turning around and leaving the app with disparaging comments, they reacted very strongly when experiencing. It is an excellent feeling that few gamers can achieve without touching 99Vidas.

4599Vidas MOD

Simple but attractive graphics

A super product with simple images but creative content that has conquered the hearts of players. The game is composed of many different original features. Because of the role-playing genre with classic graphics, players will feel the atmosphere of old applications. The noise of the pictures, the beautiful effects when moving… Even the surrounding contexts are redesigned most masterfully.

Transform into every character and fight continuously

Players will dive deeper into the app’s adventure story. 99Vidas allows you to transform into a fierce character in the world. This is a trait that anyone should have in a moment of anger. But to be able to control it, you must be a brave player. With the character representing your distorted emotions, how will players hold them in this vast world?

4599Vidas APK

The battle takes place throughout the process of participating in the copy. Players will have to fight continuously for a long time; each time defeating the opponent, there will be successive enemies to face them. In addition to using an individual character, the player can also call support. This character will help users to fight in difficult times. Therefore, your journey will also become more accessible than ever.

Control via manual buttons

Learn how to use the character using the system’s manual control panel. The user has to go through the control panel with a manual button to direct the character in the direction they want—attack by clicking on the icon with fists to perform martial arts. Players can use it continuously to create a series of beautiful and damaging combos. Your decisiveness in this playing field is a necessary weapon to be maintained.

The most outstanding features

With this game, you will not be alone on the arduous battle path but can play with your loved ones or brothers because 99Vidas supports up to 2 players simultaneously. That means there is a flexible combination to launch but the right moves to trounce all enemies if there is an extra support person.

4599Vidas iOS

You can choose from various battle levels up to six; you can select increasing levels to suit your level while keeping up with the fast-paced fighting style. Along with that are many different modes such as Versus mode, Survival, … And going along with it will be six other Bosses to increase the drama. Each stage will have two exceptional bonus levels, try to receive all rewards to increase your character’s strength to the maximum; the battles behind you will be much more leisurely.

4599Vidas Mod APK

A variety of skills and weapons that combine continuously

Not only with regular punching and kicking operations, but 99Vidas also owns a treasure of skills and weapons. Players can combine many moves and hunt for legendary treasures with significant damage, each type of dance produces a particular activity that creates the ultimate variety. Owning the most advanced things in this game will be monumental.

Although it has just been released, the game has received high praise from analysts. Get ready for battle now and clear the game your way.

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