Indus Battle Royale Mobile Codes May 2024 (By SuperGaming SG)

Updated on January 5, 2024

Indus Battle Royale Mobile is a popular game that offers an exciting battle royale experience on mobile devices. Players can use codes to unlock various in-game items and rewards, such as weapon skins, character costumes, and in-game currency. These codes can be obtained from official social media accounts, game events, or by participating in promotional activities. By redeeming these codes, players can enhance their gaming experience and customize their characters with unique items. The game constantly updates its codes, so players should stay tuned for new opportunities to obtain exclusive rewards and items. Overall, Indus Battle Royale Mobile codes add extra thrill and excitement to the game for players.

Latest of Indus Battle Royale Mobile Codes
6hrLQs3HXXX Get

1. Legendary Sword, 2. 250 Gold Coins, 3. Mystic Ruby Pendant, 4. Exclusive Phoenix Feather Cloak. Win epic loot in Indus Battle Royale!

k3tbBzGeXXX Get

Sturdy Iron Shield, 100 Gold Coins - Indus Battle Royale Mobile


1. Legendary Sword 2. 500 Gold Coins 3. Sapphire Amulet 4. Velvet Robes Skin 5. 1000 Diamonds Cache 6. Exclusive Victory Emote

How to redeem code in Indus Battle Royale Mobile

Step 1: Open the Indus Battle Royale Mobile game on your mobile device.
Step 2: Look for the “Redeem Code” option in the game’s main menu. It is typically located in the settings or store section.
Step 3: Enter the promo code in the designated field. Make sure to type the code exactly as it is given, including any capital letters or hyphens.
Step 4: Once the promo code is successfully entered, you should receive a confirmation message and the rewards associated with the code will be added to your account.

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