Idle Dinosaurs Codes May 2024 (By Hydodo)

Updated on April 12, 2024

Idle Dinosaurs is a simulation game where players can build their own dinosaur park. They can hatch different types of dinosaurs and watch them grow, evolve, and even battle with each other. Players can evolve their dinosaurs by collecting resources and completing challenges. They can also unlock new species by entering codes, which can be found in various places throughout the game. These codes provide players with exclusive rewards and advantages, allowing them to progress faster and expand their park more efficiently. With detailed graphics and engaging gameplay, Idle Dinosaurs offers a fun and interactive experience for dinosaur enthusiasts.

Latest of Idle Dinosaurs Codes
QszB01t2XXX Get

1. Fossilized egg containing ancient treasure. 2. Pile of gold coins from a hidden dinosaur hoard. 3. Rare gemstone found in a dinosaur nest. 4. Legendary dinosaur bone that grants special powers.

cBfUwJmlXXX Get

1. Rare Dino Egg 2. Shiny Fossil Necklace

AQ6npcVjXXX Get

1. Dino egg worth 100 gold 2. Fossilized bone for 50 gems 3. Prehistoric necklace worth 500 gold 4. Rare dinosaur tooth worth 200 gold 5. Ancient map leading to hidden treasure 6. Enchanted amber staff for powerful spells

How to redeem code in
Idle Dinosaurs

1. Open the game Idle Dinosaurs on your device.
2. Look for the settings option and tap on it.
3. Find the redeem code section and enter the code provided.
4. Click on the redeem button and wait for the game to process the code. Enjoy your rewards in Idle Dinosaurs!

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