Dice Flight Promo Codes May 2024 (By DEARMETA)

Updated on April 10, 2024

Dice Flight is a unique game where players command a squadron of dice-shaped aircraft through perilous skies. Each dice represents a different aircraft with its own abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. Players must strategically roll their dice to determine their actions in battle, such as attacking enemy planes, performing evasive maneuvers, or repairing damage. As players progress through the game, they can upgrade their aircraft with new abilities and weapons. The goal is to defeat powerful bosses, complete missions, and ultimately dominate the skies. With its innovative gameplay mechanics and stylized art style, Dice Flight offers a fresh and exciting take on aerial combat games.

Latest of Dice Flight Promo Codes
ie9xERbjXXX Get

1. Legendary sword of invincibility 2. 1000 gold coins 3. Sparkling diamond necklace 4. Enchanted potion of infinite wisdom


1. Rare sword with magical properties. 2. Pouch filled with gold coins.


1. Royal Scepter 2. 500 gold coins 3. Amethyst gemstone 4. Platinum necklace 5. 1000 diamonds 6. Legendary sword

How to redeem code in Dice Flight

1. Open the Dice Flight game and locate the “Redeem Code” option in the settings menu.
2. Enter the code in the designated field and click “Redeem” to unlock the corresponding rewards or items in the game. Enjoy your new additions and continue playing Dice Flight with your upgraded features!

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