Beast Bumper Blitz Codes May 2024 (By Soda Games Publishing)

Updated on April 10, 2024

Beast Bumper Blitz is a thrilling multiplayer game where players control powerful beasts in a bumper car battle arena. The goal is to bump other players off the edge of the arena while avoiding being knocked off yourself. By using strategic maneuvers and power-ups, players can gain an edge over their opponents. One way to enhance gameplay is through codes, which unlock special features, characters, or abilities. These codes can be found online or obtained through promotions. With intense gameplay and unique beasts to choose from, Beast Bumper Blitz is an exciting game that offers endless fun for players of all ages.

Latest of Beast Bumper Blitz Codes

1. Enchanted Sword of Fury 2. 1000 gold coins 3. Sparkling Diamond Necklace 4. Rare Amulet of Power

tCNf2yAsXXX Get

1. Shiny diamond necklace 2. Pile of sparkling gold coins

I1dZGniuXXX Get

1. Iron Shield - Equipment 2. 100 Gold Coins 3. Ruby Gemstone 4. Potion of Strength 5. Legendary Sword - Equipment 6. Diamond Necklace

How to redeem code in
Beast Bumper Blitz

1. Open the game Beast Bumper Blitz on your device.
2. Go to the settings or options menu.
3. Look for a section that says “Redeem Code” or “Enter Code”.
4. Type in the code provided to you and press submit to unlock your rewards in the game. Enjoy!

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