What the Hen! Redeem Codes July 2024 (By BoomBit Games)

Updated on June 20, 2024

Are you ready to dive into the whimsical world of “WHAT THE HEN! – Enter the Dragons!” on GameD? With its zany heroes, intense clan competitions, formidable boss battles, quirky collectible character cards, and addictive Arena duels, this game promises an immersive experience like no other. As you embark on your summoner journey, you’ll encounter hundreds of levels, thousands of Arena battles, and the mad chicken wizard at the center of it all. To enhance your gameplay, make sure to utilize gift codes for exciting rewards that can help you in your quest. Embrace the chaos, gather your Summoner Heroes, and conquer the arenas in this HENtastic adventure!

Latest of What the Hen! Codes

  • ATJQN10HLG9: (Expires on August 12, 2024)
  • EOID2F4C6891: (Expires on July 15, 2024)
  • 7NSOXAFZHT: (Expires on August 16, 2024)
  • YFZ8DM05QKE: (Expires on July 24, 2024)
  • GEMXWCOA8B0: (Expires on July 23, 2024)
  • N6BDQU7M: (Expires on July 3, 2024)
  • YP69208G5FD: (Expires on August 18, 2024)
  • ZTXMVNQD: (Expires on July 4, 2024)
  • YHRF53CK: (Expires on August 10, 2024)

What the Hen! Codes Almost Expired

Reward: 100 Gems

Reward: 50 Gold

Reward: 5 Arena Tickets

Reward: Rare Card Pack

Reward: 200 Coins

What the Hen! Codes FAQs

FAQ 1: How do I receive gift codes for What the Hen!?

Answer: Gift codes for What the Hen! can be obtained through special promotions, events, or by following the game’s official social media channels. Keep an eye out for announcements and giveaways to snag yourself a gift code!

FAQ 2: Can gift codes for What the Hen! be used more than once?

Answer: Typically, gift codes for What the Hen! can only be used once per account. Make sure to redeem your code on the correct platform and account to ensure it is successfully applied.

FAQ 3: How long are gift codes for What the Hen! valid?

Answer: The validity period of gift codes for What the Hen! may vary depending on the promotion or event. Be sure to check the terms and conditions associated with the code to determine its expiration date and redeem it before it expires.

FAQ 4: Are there any restrictions on who can use gift codes for What the Hen!?

Answer: Certain gift codes for What the Hen! may have restrictions based on region, platform, or account eligibility. Make sure to check the terms and conditions of the code to ensure you meet all requirements before attempting to redeem it.

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