Time Blast: Puzzle Game Codes May 2024 (By Wildlife Studios)

Updated on May 26, 2024

Time Blast: Puzzle Game codes are essential for unlocking special power-ups and features in the popular game. By entering these codes, players can access hidden levels, obtain additional lives, or receive unique rewards. GameYD website offers exclusive codes for Time Blast, providing players with a competitive advantage and enhancing their gaming experience. It’s important to stay updated on the latest codes to maximize gameplay potential and conquer challenging levels. With the help of these codes, players can strategize their moves effectively and progress through the game with ease. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your gaming experience with Time Blast codes from GameYD.

Latest of Time Blast: Puzzle Game Codes

  • PYTRK3UX: 548631 Ore, 1453 Wood, 673 Coins, 578429 Diamond, 6831 Stone (Expires on June 11, 2024)
  • MT9U3Y6BHK: 836 Wood, 154693 Gems, 781243 Cash (Expires on July 1, 2024)
  • 43C5R7SHWYX: 196 Gems, 4796 Diamonds, 643518 Items, 58791 EXP (Expires on July 1, 2024)
  • H8AP1DZNR50: 72413 Wood, 137 EXP, 56128 Cash, 417639 Summon Scrolls (Expires on July 23, 2024)
  • BOJ3Y0C4ARX: 756839 Cash, 592 Diamond (Expires on June 27, 2024)
  • 3HAB1X9SYIDW: 147932 Resources, 461 Cash, 587 Iron, 962 Items, 9758 Energy (Expires on June 29, 2024)
  • HMKOQRS6JF: 987 EXP, 894763 Cash, 641738 Diamond, 9671 Ore (Expires on June 10, 2024)
  • A071WJ38KS9: 62153 Gems, 893645 Ore, 92751 Items, 53798 Gold, 587264 Coins (Expires on July 7, 2024)
  • 9ZTY07USE: 984 Cash, 364 Summon Scrolls, 8976 Iron, 342798 Ore, 814 Hero EXP (Expires on July 2, 2024)

Time Blast: Puzzle Game Codes Almost Expired

1. Code: BLASTOFF100
Reward: 100 bonus points

Reward: Unlock 25 additional levels

Reward: Special power-up for 50 blasts

Reward: Skip ahead 75 levels

Reward: Double points for next 200 blasts

Reward: Freeze time for 10 seconds in a difficult level

Reward: Activate blast frenzy mode for 150 consecutive blasts

8. Code: TIMEWARP50
Reward: Rewind time by 50 moves in a level

9. Code: BLASTBLITZ500
Reward: Earn 500 bonus points for completing a level in under a minute

Time Blast: Puzzle Game Codes FAQs

Q: How can I redeem gift codes in Time Blast: Puzzle Game?

A: To redeem gift codes in Time Blast: Puzzle Game, simply open the game, navigate to the settings menu, and look for the “Redeem Code” option. Enter the code provided to claim your rewards.

Q: Where can I find gift codes for Time Blast: Puzzle Game?

A: Gift codes for Time Blast: Puzzle Game are often shared on the game’s official social media accounts, forums, and community pages. Keep an eye out for special promotions and events where codes may be distributed.

Q: What rewards can I expect from gift codes in Time Blast: Puzzle Game?

A: Gift codes in Time Blast: Puzzle Game can provide a variety of rewards such as in-game currency, power-ups, boosters, exclusive characters, and other valuable items that can enhance your gameplay experience.

Q: Do gift codes in Time Blast: Puzzle Game have an expiration date?

A: Yes, gift codes in Time Blast: Puzzle Game may have expiration dates, so it’s important to redeem them as soon as possible to ensure that you don’t miss out on the rewards they offer. Be sure to check the terms and conditions of each code.

Q: Can gift codes in Time Blast: Puzzle Game be shared with friends?

A: Gift codes in Time Blast: Puzzle Game are usually intended for single use and cannot be shared with others. Each code is unique and can only be redeemed once per account to prevent misuse.

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