Match Factory! Gift Codes May 2024 (By Peak)

Updated on May 21, 2024

Match Factory is a platform that offers codes for GameYD’s website, allowing users to access a range of gaming features and benefits. The codes are designed to enhance the gaming experience by unlocking special items, levels, and rewards. Players can redeem these codes on the GameYD website to unlock exclusive content and gain a competitive edge in their favorite games. With a variety of codes available, users can customize their gaming experience and enjoy unique features that are not accessible to all players. Explore the possibilities with Match Factory’s codes and elevate your gaming adventure today!

Latest of Match Factory! Codes

  • AWQSBPZ7M0: 257196 Items, 581942 Energy, 98175 Hero EXP, 356 Food (Expires on July 12, 2024)
  • USNYEJ901IOT: 13295 Stone, 926 Rubies, 8235 Diamonds, 64138 Gems, 79863 Iron (Expires on July 4, 2024)
  • AWHI08VOLD6: 714 Energy, 817534 Hero EXP, 641 Cash, 674 Gems, 6435 Money (Expires on May 22, 2024)
  • A2PM9NXE: 162378 Diamonds, 645289 Iron, 864972 Money, 79536 Gems, 6395 VIP (Expires on June 20, 2024)
  • 7T3ROYX4Q: 879 Resources, 92781 Items, 312 Cash, 649283 EXP (Expires on June 30, 2024)

Match Factory! Codes Almost Expired

1. Code: MATCH123 | Reward: 50 bonus points
2. Code: FACTORY456 | Reward: Exclusive matching game skin
3. Code: PLAYMATCH | Reward: Double power-up for next level
4. Code: SPINMATCH | Reward: Free spin on the prize wheel
5. Code: MATCHUP789 | Reward: Unlock a hidden level
6. Code: FACTORYFUN | Reward: 100 bonus points
7. Code: MEGAFACTORY | Reward: Triple points for the next game
8. Code: MATCHMASTER | Reward: Special badge for your profile
9. Code: FACTORYFRIEND | Reward: Send a free power-up to a friend

Match Factory! Codes FAQs

Q: How can I redeem gift codes in Match Factory?

A: To redeem gift codes in Match Factory, go to the settings menu in the game and look for the “Redeem Code” option. Enter the gift code there to claim your rewards.

Q: Where can I find gift codes for Match Factory?

A: Gift codes for Match Factory are often shared on the game’s official social media channels, through promotional events, or as rewards for participating in special events within the game.

Q: Do gift codes in Match Factory expire?

A: Yes, gift codes in Match Factory may have an expiry date. Make sure to redeem them as soon as possible to avoid missing out on the rewards.

Q: Can I use the same gift code multiple times in Match Factory?

A: No, gift codes in Match Factory are typically one-time use only. Once you have redeemed a code, it cannot be used again on the same account.

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