Isekai Feast: Tales of Recipes Gift Codes May 2024 (By EYOUGAME(US))

Updated on May 2, 2024

In the world of Isekai Feast: Tales of Recipes, players embark on a culinary adventure in a fantastical realm. As they collect ingredients, cook delicious dishes, and battle monsters, players can also unlock special codes for exclusive rewards. The codes, found on various platforms such as GameYD website, provide players with unique items, boosts, and in-game currency to enhance their gameplay experience. With each code revealing a new surprise, players can delve deeper into the world of Isekai Feast and uncover hidden secrets while mastering the art of cooking in this thrilling fantasy universe.

Latest of Isekai Feast: Tales of Recipes Gift Codes
uLFQc8ygXXX Get

1. Magical Ring of Sustenance 2. Bag of 1000 Gold Coins 3. Gemstone Amulet of Luck 4. Enchanted Cooking Utensils


1. Legendary sword of fire 2. Pouch of infinite gold

e62fAkNMXXX Get

1. Crystal pendant 2. 100 gold coins 3. Enchanted sword 4. Potion of invincibility 5. Diamond-encrusted armor 6. Recipe book for legendary dishes

How to redeem code in Isekai Feast: Tales of Recipes

1. Open the Isekai Feast: Tales of Recipes game and locate the “Redeem Code” option in the settings menu.
2. Enter the unique code provided to you in the designated field.
3. Confirm the code to receive your rewards, such as special items, currency, or in-game bonuses. Enjoy your rewards in the game!

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