Game of Honor Codes May 2024 (By IGG.COM)

Updated on January 4, 2024

Game of Honor Codes is a virtual reality game that allows players to become champions and uphold the honor code in a digital world. Players must fight with honor, show respect to their opponents, and demonstrate integrity in their actions. They can earn points by completing challenges, working as a team, and displaying good sportsmanship. The game provides a platform for players to showcase their gaming skills while promoting positive behavior and values. Through competitive gameplay and strategic challenges, players can rise through the ranks and earn the title of a true champion who abides by the honor code at all times.

Latest of Game of Honor Codes
Cex2wjFZXXX Get

1. Shimmering Diamond Blade, 2. Enchanted Gold Amulet, 3. Sack of 500 Emeralds, 4. Ruby-Studded Leather Armor Set. Game of Honor rewards.


Crystal Sword, 500 Gold - Champions of the Game of Honor

ceivCsWLXXX Get

1. Enchanted Sword 2. 100 Gold Coins 3. Mystic Sapphire Pendant 4. 500 Silver Credits 5. Diamond-Crusted Gauntlets 6. Ancient Spell Tome

How to redeem code in Game of Honor

Step 1: Open the Game of Honor app on your device.

Step 2: Go to the in-game store or promo code section. This can usually be found in the “Settings” or “Extras” menu.

Step 3: Enter the promo code in the designated field. Make sure to double-check the code for any typos or errors before submitting.

Step 4: Once the promo code is successfully redeemed, you should receive the corresponding reward in your in-game account. This could be in the form of in-game currency, items, or other bonuses.

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